Cameron Rostami

Cameron entered the entertainment industry at age five. Now 12 years old, his credits include film, television, commercials, industrials and public service announcements. He has participated in spots for ConocoPhillips, Radio Shack, Wal-Mart, Rent-A-Center, Boy Scouts of America, Milton Bradley, HomeDepot and Hasbro. Currently, Cameron's voiceover work can be heard on Radio Disney where he is entering his fifth year as a Radio Disney Kid. Cameron auditioned for the role of Georgie when casting was underway in Dallas. He enjoyed working on the set of Pearl and having the opportunity to play Georgie, as well as working with his cast mates and the entire production team, who made the experience of filming Pearl an adventure. The cast and crew became family during production, and many keep in touch today. Cameron is thankful to everyone on the set, and to family, friends, his principal and teachers who helped him make filming and balancing his school work a success. Cameron's highlight of shooting Pearl was meeting George Carter, the character he played in the movie, and Pearl's only surviving sibling. George Carter told Cameron stories about growing up in Marlow, and in the Carter family and shared some of the pranks he played on his sisters, some of which Cameron realized were scenes he had shot in the movie. Playing the role of Georgie allowed Cameron to bring out the mischievous side of the character, all the while knowing that being the youngest and only boy in the family, he was still loved and cherished by his sisters and his parents.