Isabel Archuletta

Isabel Archuleta performed in several theater performances at the University of Oklahoma, where she earned her bachelor's degree in acting. Her roles at the University of Oklahoma include Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet" as well as Hermia in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" among many others. Archuleta has also been in several films and played parts in a number of commercials. One of those commercial roles helped her land the part of Opaletta. The casting director's wife saw Archuleta in a commercial and noticed that she looked like she could be the sister of Elijah DeJesus, the actress playing "Pearl". Ironically, she was in the process of moving to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career when she was cast in the film. She said she was happy to get the opportunity to play the role in "Pearl" because Oklahoma had come to feel like home in the four years she attended the University. Archuleta is also pleased to have the role because it shows another side of Native American history. "This is an important film," she said. "You see a lot of period pieces, but you never see a group of dark-haired kids playing hide and seek on an expansive lawn in front of a beautiful house." Archuleta, who is Hispanic, said it is important to tell that part of the story, because American Indians and other ethnic groups are often portrayed in a negative light. She added that it is significant when any ethnic group is able to tell their own stories.