Tom Huston Orr

In the role of Wiley Post, Tom Huston Orr has learned that the legendary Oklahoma aviator rarely gets the recognition he deserves. "Everyone in Oklahoma knows Wiley Post; unfortunately, he is not given the credit he is due. He was the first person to go around the world, he is in the Aviation Hall of Fame, and he discovered the jet stream and invented the first pressurized suit which made space travel possible." "He was a visionary in the world of aviation and an amazing guy." Post befriended Pearl Carter Scott and nurtured her love of flying. At 13, Pearl became the youngest licensed pilot in America. Huston Orr, director of the School of Drama at the University of Oklahoma, James Garner chair, auditioned for the role of in Norman. "I didn't know much about Wiley Post," he said. After he was cast, he studied Post's life though books and learned a lot about the Oklahoma legend from his own father, who is a pilot. "My dad has been a good resource." Huston Orr said he is eagerly anticipating filming the flying scenes in the authentic 1920s airplanes. "If I get the chance I hope to go up in one." Huston Orr gets into character by donning an eye patch and stays in character throughout the long days on the set.