Chickasaw actors cast in 'Pearl'

The production crew of "Pearl" held auditions in Ada, Okla. to find Chickasaw and Native American actors for roles in the movie. Chickasaw Nation citizens were encouraged to take part in the movie immortalizing their legendary fellow tribal member. Pauline Brown, Chickasaw Elder, is one of eight Chickasaws that have a speaking role in the movie. "I think it's good that they got so many Chickasaws for the movie," she said. "It was Chickasaw country and Pearl was a great Chickasaw citizen." Ms. Brown's son, Milton, plays Sharecropper Ishmatubbe in the film and many of her grandchildren were casts as extras. The casting in Ada was fruitful for the production crew and uncovered a lot of hidden talent. "The Chickasaw actors are doing amazing things," said Chris Freihofer, casting director. "Everyone is really impressed." Freihofer said that he believes that "Pearl" will open many doors for many of the Chickasaws involved. "They are great," he said, "I hope they continue to act and I want to make sure they are involved with talent agents and that type of thing." Pearl Carter Scott was one-half Chickasaw and served her tribe faithfully until her death in 2005.

Chickasaw Cast
Listed below are cast members and featured extras who are members of the Chickasaw Nation.

Milton Brown (Sharecropper Ishmatubbe)
Pauline Brown (Widow)
Micah Hart (Older Georgie)
Jaisen Monetatchi (Chickasaw Bride)
Dakota Brown (Chickasaw Friend)
Tim Harjochee (Sharecropper 1)
Robert Cheadle (Sharecropper 2)
Paden Brown (Arnetta)