INDIAN TIMES : Chickasaw Aviatrix Pearl Carter Scott's life goes to the silver screen airs at 6pm on

This week on Indian Times, the producer of the film "Pearl", David Rennke, discusses how the project came about. The film is about Pearl Carter Scott who, in 1928, became the youngest pilot in American Aviation history. She was also a Chickasaw. This is the first film production for the Chickasaw Nation in conjunction with Media 13. The film had a special screening Tuesday at the Warren Theater in Moore. The film's star, Elijah DeJesus (pictured above), was there as well as the other actors. Tom Huston Orr, director of the OU Drama school, plays the world famous aviator Wiley Post. On display for the opening were the 1920's vintage plane and several vintage cars that were used in the film. For more information on "Pearl", go to their website . To see a slideshow of the premiere go to scenes from "Pearl" premier

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