Life of local resident featured in movie

George Carter vividly remembers tumbling out of the back seat of a car driven by his preteen sister, Pearl.

"My sister had a roadster with a jump seat in the back. I was sitting in the jump seat - well, I wasn't sitting in the jump seat - I was sitting on the side. I was eating a sack of popcorn when my sister made a U-turn - throwed me out on the pavement. They threw the brakes on real fast and came back to see if I was hurt or killed, and I was sitting there eating my popcorn," he recalled with a laugh.

Mr. Carter told of the incident, which happened about 80 years ago, while talking about "Pearl," a feature film focused on the teen years of his late sister, Pearl Carter Scott. The film will be screened 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 22 at the Trail Dance Film festival in Duncan.

Pearl, the daughter of successful businessman George Carter Senior, received her pilot's license at 13 in 1928, making her the youngest licensed pilot in U.S. history.

Befriended by famous aviator Wiley Post in the late 1920s, the Marlow resident was performing as a barnstormer and flying her father to business appointments across the state.

Mr. Carter said that his family came to know Wiley Post quite well.

"His brother lived right across the street from us - it was a small town - We got well acquainted. He was really a nice guy. Wiley told my dad, 'your daughter is a natural born pilot. It would be a shame not to let her fly.' So she learned to fly airplanes," he said.

Ironically, George did not enjoy flying. He said the first time he went up in an airplane he had planned to go with his father on a business trip, but they had to turn around and take him back to the airport near their home.

"I didn't like to fly. It scared me to death" he said, adding that he enjoyed watching his sister perform in air shows. "It didn't scare me as long as I was on the ground," he said with a chuckle.

Cameron Rostami, who played George in the film, made a visit to Mr. Carter in the Lawton Veterans Center prior to filming in Sept. 2008.

"He was really a nice little boy. He was smart too. He favored me. He was a nice little guy. He just wanted to know things about me," said Mr. Carter. "Playing me in the movie he wanted to find out, you know, what I was like."

Cameron, from Flower Mound Texas, said that meeting George Carter was one of the highlights of the experience. He found out that George was a little mischievous, but well loved by his family.

He also learned that George loved to ride horses. Cameron said that a scene where he rides a horse is one of his favorites.

Mr. Carter's daughter Beverly, who lives in California, happened to be visiting her father at the Lawton Veterans Center during the recent discussion.

Beverly said that she is "really excited" and "anxious" to see the film about her aunt Pearl.

"Pearl had a lot to do with raising me," she said, adding that her aunt was always full of energy and a very entertaining person to be around.

"She's still in me in so many ways. I was very lucky to be her niece."

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